Mammalian Cell Line Development

MABION’s cell line development services include efficient platform for standard cell line development as well as custom services capable of meeting specific customer needs.

Mammalian Cell Line Development

MABION’s Mammalian Cell Line Development platform integrates pMAB high productivity expression plasmids, serum-free suspension adapted CHO cells, cell engineering and custom media optimization. All four components have been developed to create technology platform which is a base for process development.

•    Serum free cells and transfection
•    pMAB expression plasmids
•    Serum-free cloning
•    Cell engineering
•    Isolation of stable, high-productivity clones
•    Complete development documentation

Cell Engineering and Screening

Manufacturing cell line development relies heavily on identification and isolation of high-expressing clones from pools of non-clonal cells.  Our cell screening technology utilize propriaty combination of techniques which allows us to identify the best performing, high producing, stable cell clone.

Custom Services

•    Molecular Services
•    Vector construction
•    Cell line stability characterization
•    Cell line genetic characterization

Cell Line Services

•    Cloning of existing client mammalian cell lines
•    Characterization of mammalian cell lines

Screening Services

•    Enrichment of producing cells
•    Identification of high producing clones