R&D Center

Mabion SA as a first company from the biotechnology field has created a modern research and development center (R&D) within the Special Economical Zone in Łódź. It was possible, inter alia, thanks to the capital obtained from the Warsaw Stock Exchange. A laboratory open  in spring 2011 is one of the few of places in Europe, which gives a opportunity to perform all the work on a new biotechnology drug, from designing of aprotein substance desired by the client, through the development of manufacturing technologies and  analytical methods required for the product characteristics, to the production of this drug in the medium-scale for clinical trials or the final product for the pharmaceutical market.

In the Research and Development Center Mabion SA it is possible to produce up to 400 liters of cell culture. This scale is sufficient for the industrial production of some biopharmaceuticals, e.g. insulins. Many biotechnology drugs, especially applied in oncology, require bigger production volumes, about few thousands liters.