Upstream Development

MABION has experience working with a variety of different host cell types, including different CHO, hybridoma, E. coli. At MABION, we can develop bioprocesses ‘from scratch’ for customers with no existing upstream process, or can re-design to optimize an existing process. Alternatively, we offer to our customers technology transfer to establish already proven upstream processes in our development laboratories and pilot plant, ensuring a seamless route to cGMP manufacture.
MABION has experience with variety of proteins. Whether your product is secreted or intracellular, soluble or inclusion body, single peptide or multi-peptide, monomer or multimer, fragment or fusion protein, MABION can propose platform for developing upstream processes.

Mammalian Upstream Development Services

The MABION Upstream manufacturing platform process is based upon chemically defined expansion and feed media. MABION has a strong working relationship will all of the major media vendors and can easily transfer in processes that are based upon other commercially available media.

We focus on quality, not only productivity
– our approach to development of processes with strong focus on integration of analytical and protein / process characterization methodolgies is unique on the market.

Mammalian Platform equipment includes:

•    Quick, efficient and cost saving process conditions screening in
scalable small bioreactors
•    Process development bioreactors: 0,5L to 5L
•    Pilot bioreactors: 50 L to 200 L
•    Product and process related analytical support
•    Media components spend analyses

Microbial Platform equipment includes:

•    Process development fermenters: 5L glass bioreactors
•    Generic processes available for E. coli
•    Pilot-scale fermenters: 50 to 200L
•    Dedicated microbial cGMP cell banking suite (class A in B)
•    Media components spend analyses