About us

Mabion Poland SA is a leading biotechnology company that was created in order to market the latest generation of biotech drugs based on humanized monoclonal antibodies.

This technology, developed in Mabion by itself, is a high-tech at the highest level. The process of humanizing monoclonal antibodies, being the apex of today’s biotechnology enables the production of targeted drugs that act selectively on cancer cells, providing greater efficacy and lower toxicity of the therapy.

Mabion was created in March 2007 by four national pharmaceutical companies: Celon Pharma Łomianki, one of the leading cancer drugs in Poland, Polfarmex from Kutno, which is a national leader in the market of prescription medicines, IBSS Biomed from Krakow, Poland’s largest and counting the European manufacturer of vaccines and Genexo from Warsaw operating in the market of drugs and medical devices, mainly in the field of diabetes. Mabion also created two entities carrying out research in the field of biotechnology: BioCentrum and Biotech Consulting.

Within a few years Mabion competence possessed the manufacture of any biotechnological drugs from the design phase through the choice of platform and manufacturing technologies to produce the finished drug. Currently in its laboratories in Łódź, the company conducts research and development on a number of biotech drugs, used in the treatment of cancer and metabolic diseases.